News & Commentary Scope

The Fairfax Free Citizen (FxFC), an online newspaper started in January 2013, provides news and commentary of direct interest to residents of Fairfax County and surrounding environs. As the FxFC continues to develop, it will expand news coverage to a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Local government policies and activities
  • Local & state economic growth & issues
  • Local and state taxation
  • Local education trends and issues
  • Traffic decongestion plans and progress
  • Local, regional, & state political campaigns
  • Individual community news
  • Church activities
  • Local sports
  • Local entertainment activities
  • Local healthcare & healthcare insurance solutions

The FxFC’s commentary section discusses the role of government and the freedom of citizens within the United States, with focus on current local, state, and federal issues that directly affect Fairfax County residents. The FxFC welcomes articles and comments on these subjects and seeks frank engagement with those professing alternative views.

The FxFC will not publish comments that are defamatory in nature or contain obscene or vulgar language of any type, regardless of any historical precedent previously established.